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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Post by Rhino.Freak » June 8th, 2015, 1:40 pm


Use proper intelligible English:

The forum's language is English, you may not use any other languages. Sentences like "h3y gaiz, wazup lolz" are barely English and should not be used. Try to explain things in a clear, understandable and easy way so everyone can understand you.

Avoid unnecessary formatting in your post:

Your post should look plain and clear. Formatting like color, bold, underline and increasing the font size should only be applied for stressing on a sentence, highlighting specific words or when creating large topics for clarity. Avoid using special table styles that are reserved for specific purposes.

Use descriptive titles for your topics:

Topic titles like "You guys think..", "Help", "URGENT" etc should be avoided. Topic titles should indicate about the content it contains.

Respect other members in the forums:

All members should be treated equally with respect and must not be discriminated. Rude or aggressive behavior towards the members will result in warns or bans.


Double post:

You are not allowed to unnecessarily post two posts in a row, has it not been 24 hours before the last post, without a good reason. Use the "Edit" button available to update your post.


You are not allowed to use more than one account on this forum.

Spam topics with irrelevant, nonsensical posts:

Self explanatory. Refrain from posting if you having nothing to contribute to the topic. Use the "Thanks" button instead of a post that may simply expresses a thanks.

Revive old topics (Gravedig):

Posting in topics with last post being older than 2 months is unacceptable. You may, however, gravedig your own topic if you're going to contribute with something important to it. If you felt the need to revive a topic for something important, then PM a mod or admin before doing that.

Post obscene content:

While minor or when directed in a friendly manner, swearing is acceptable to some extent; otherwise, it will be dealt-with seriously. 18+ content are not acceptable under any circumstances.

Special Rules and Regulations:

Rules & Regulations regarding Robberies:

  • You can only steal up to 50% of your target's bellies on hand per attempt.
  • The chance a robbery attempt succeeds is only 45%, and in case you fail, you will be penalized with an amount equals to 50% of the bellies you attempted to steal.
  • You may attempt to rob a user only 3 times in 24 hours. Attempting to to rob further is breaking the rules, and if reported, has a penalty of 500 bellies that goes to the reporter plus all the bellies you've successfully robbed in your 4+ attempts.
  • To report a user attempting 4+ robberies in 24 hours, please report the corresponding notification PMs.