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Dragon Ball Fighter Z

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I've been keeping some tabs on this. It's from the makers of Guilty Gear which uses a unique 3D animation that looks 2D. If you haven't seen how beautiful it is, then don't wait. It's the perfect visual style for anime and manga.

Gameplay-wise, it's going to be 3-on-3. If you've played Marvel vs Capcom 2, you'll realize how similar they are. There are also a few things taken from Arc Guilty Gear. The roster size is going to be much smaller than many DBZ games as of late simply because it's a traditional fighting game. The game was stated to be around 20% complete with only 6-7 characters, so the final count is probably around 30. I can't tell you whether characters from Super will be in, but there is a possibility with Frieza's Golden transformation being a move.
Many see this as a jab against Capcom's latest lazy shenanigans with how poorly Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is being received. I don't mind the simplifications, but the visuals and PR have just been shoddy. The focus on the MCU over the familiars like X-Men is simply an issue due to rights, but remarks like "Maybe the average fan won't remember some of them" make them look bad. There's also this...
Hopefully it'll be fixed before release.

A very hype clip that happened at a side-tourney I'm watching as of this post. It's definitely exciting just to watch.
Just stay calm for now. We will do it when the time comes~
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