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Postby A-Man » July 21st, 2017, 11:04 pm

I watched the new Yugi Oh movie today. Wasn't bad at all. So much nostalgia~ One thing I really didn't like was that pretty much all cards used were new variations of the old ones, so the duels felt as random as it could get.

The "dimension duels" were meh. But I really appreciate that they stayed true to the fact that Atem is dead, and didn't just revive him for the movie.
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Re: Otakus Unite

Postby Rhino.Freak » September 17th, 2017, 7:38 pm

SO I've been weebing more than usual lately.

After my last update of "Shirobako", I watched the infamous Steins;Gate (spoilers ahead, be warned)
While I really really liked it, I still had my gripes. Mostly because of how acclaimed it was and I was expecting a masterpiece, but it had a bit of plot holes that turned me off slightly, and except for Okabe and Mikase, I didn't really like other characters, they were way too eccentric and not relatable, felt a bit alienated from them in a way. They never really explained how the "microwave phone" time machine was built in the first place and I expected to see that, especially since the show was focused a lot on the 'making' aspect.
Leaving the negatives aside, I really liked it. The show never became predictable and it was satisfactory overall. 9/10 from me, could've been higher up but plot holes and those other characters didn't strike a chord with me.

Then it was Mushishi time... What can I say about this one. Magical, atmospheric and soothing. I loved it. This series currently holds the title for giving me the most amount of goosebumps. From the beautiful artwork to music to themes in the show, it's just a masterpiece. Though not for everyone most definitely, I'm glad it was right up my alley. Still left to watch 2 episodes and 2 specials (movies). At this point I'm trying to savor the remaining Mushishi.
Though some episodes were weak, overall, I can't help but give this series a 10/10.

Next I watched Erased (Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi) (finished today)
Now this was a good watch. I knew nothing going in and I really liked it. The show had a good drama, nice symbolisms, message and foreshadowing all around. The characters were fantastic and I was hooked from episode 1. I cared a fecal matter ton for Kayo and all and this generally doesn't happen with me. I was attached and it just proves how good the narrative was regarding the characters. There were some really cute moments which made me feel warm and fuzzy.
The mystery aspect was rather weak however, I knew very early in the series who the killer was and it was sort of obvious.
The "revival" was a plot device, but that doesn't make the series bad in any way, though as Aeslay said a couple of pages back, there should've been some proper rules for it. Overall I liked how it ended. Would've been a bit more happy if he ended up with Kayo but then again he was a 29yo in the body of a kid, he wanted to save her, not romance her. And Airi was foreshadowed from the get go and her parallels with Kayo were real.
Animation, art and music etc were really good too. Definitely recommend checking this out. 9/10 from me.

And I also started watching Your Lie in April, I'm 14 episodes in (which I binged) and so far I'm digging it. Will post when I'm done with it how I feel about it.


Finished Your Lie In April as well, here are my thoughts on it.
So overall, a good watch definitely. I enjoyed the music aspect of the show more than the romance part, coz lets be honest, they failed to make any romance part satisfactory.
No confession from Kousei's side till the end directly towards Kaori.
No make out session (I was expecting that on the rooftop, and would've been a good addition after she confesses she doesn't wanna die and fecal matter.)
And a bit too sad and predictable with her death being foreshadowed since episode 4.

Definitely overrated though, seeing this the current top 20th anime on MAL. I'd give it an 8/10 overall. Definitely a good anime though.
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