One Piece SBS Insights

One Piece SBS Insights

Postby Rhino.Freak » July 1st, 2016, 8:49 pm

Some info from the latest one.

Law's submarine is called "Polar Tang/Tongue"

- Worst Generation's hobby

Luffy (adventure, party)
Zoro (training, liquor),
Law (roaming, collecting anniversary coins)
Kidd (listening to music, collecting weapons)
Apoo (DJ, surfing)
Capone (watching paintings, board game)
Hawkins (interior designs, taking a bath)
Drake (reptiles enthusiast, Astrophysics)
Bonney (food, Jenga)
Killer (Drum, cooking)
Urouge (liquors, love affair, climbing mountains)
Blackbeard (gambling, history research!!)

- About age
Rayleigh(78),Roger(77), Garp(78), Sengoku(79), Tsuru(76)

- Perona is 25 years old now. Her height is 160cm. She considers Moriah as if he is her real parent since she was picked up by Moriah when she was a child. Perona still believes that Moriah is alive.

- Happiness Punch is probably stronger than King Punch.

- Recently Oda feels like Nami getting more popular. He doesn't care at all if his audience watch her with an erotic viewpoint. It is because Oda believes professional people shouldn't complain about his audience's viewpoint since they bothered to buy his "merchandises". Oda's manga mentor also said the same thing.

- Doflamingo's favorite food is lobster and least-favorite food is barbeque. He has a bad memory about barbeque.

- The reindeer Chopper fell in love is Milky, who is very popular among Gurdians.

- Oda loves middle-aged persons. There are some people who look down on them just because their strength is getting weaker. Oda has hated such young people who can't respect middle-aged persons. One of the fantasy Oda wants to draw is where middle-aged persons don't lose their strength much. He strongly believes such a world would be very cool.

- Sabo grew his hair to hide his scar of his face.
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Re: One Piece SBS Insights

Postby A-Man » July 8th, 2016, 1:18 pm

I was hoping we'll get more height data about characters that just Perona. Cool trivia though. I wonder if they serve barbecue at impel down XD
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